Artekk: Revolutionizing the Stone Industry 🚀

Artekk proudly presents LFPP - Large Format Porcelain Panels, a game-changer in the world of stone products. LFPP outshines its competitors with superior performance, surpassing both natural stone and composite alternatives. 🌟


🏢 The Product:

LFPP offers unparalleled quality, making it the top choice for domestic and commercial applications. Say goodbye to multiple handling points during cutting and fabrication - LFPP simplifies the journey from warehouse to installation.


📈 The Market:

With the impending demise of silica-heavy composite stone products, LFPP takes the lead in market share. Recent data shows a significant shift, with over 200 containers of composite stone products delivered per month pre-Covid in Victoria alone.


👥 Specifier's Preference:

Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Shopfitters, and Developers are increasingly choosing LFPP, especially with Artekk's recognition as a leading brand. The 'one-stop shop' and extended warranty make Artekk the preferred choice for superior product performance.


🌐 Artekk's Growth Strategy:

Artekk is set to expand its market penetration and product sales through an innovative approach. We're making quality computerized Water Jet Cutting Machines (WCM) technology affordable for over 400 stonemasons across Victoria. Join us on this journey, offering:

  Quality WCM equipment supply and installation

Affordable leasing finance

Ongoing service/training support

Artekk's entire Panel range at the most competitive wholesale prices

Artekk's provision of cutting job generation (2-4 per week)


💼 Empowering Stonemasons:

As part of Artekk's broader marketing plan, engaging and empowering stonemasons presents a significant sales growth opportunity. Join us in revolutionizing the stone industry!


📈 Artekk's Volume Growth Projection Example:

 Establishing 40 Stonemason/Artekk WCM service partnerships over 3 years

Each supplying and cutting 2 Artekk panel jobs/week on average

Average value per job at Stonemason level conservatively $8,000

📊 Year 3 Projections:

$30,000,000/annum ($640k/week) total revenue

12,520 Artekk panels used or fifty-seven containers/annum

🌐 All supply distribution and funding agreements are in place - now, we're assembling the dream team to unlock this incredible market development initiative. Ready to be part of the revolution?

🔗 Connect with us today! :

For more information: 0434 873 946 Denny / 03 9070 4888 Artekk Head Office


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