Conditions of Purchase

All Natural Stones are products of nature and no two pieces are exactly alike. You must inspect the material prior to installation to check the colour, veining, thickness, sizing and finish. Prior to installation ensure any blending is completed to meet owner/buyer’s approval.

Absolutely no claims will be accepted for any reason after the material is installed.


1. All products must be inspected prior to being installed.

2. Responsibility of the product is transferred to the customer once the product is delivered to your site address.

3. The manufacturer’s liability is limited to replacement of product only and does not include application/installation or removal costs.

4. Any complaints relating to the delivered product must be submitted in writing addressed to our office within 14 days of the delivery occurring.

5. Any replacement/return are back to base.

Prior to Installation

1. It is recommended to keep the product under cover prior to installation so the product is kept dry.

2. Products are often packed very tightly and are wet at the point of production and are unable to totally dry out until unpacked. They will often lighten in colour as they dry. Dry tiles are necessary prior to installation.

3. Prior to installation, always ensure batches of stone are shuffled to achieve evenness in distribution of any colour variation. This will mean opening all crates or pallets supplied prior to installation.

4. Consideration can be given to “pre sealing” products prior to installation to help with the cleaning and sealing of the product upon completion of the project.

5. It is normal for natural stone to have some minor nicks along the edge of the product created during the manufacturing process.

6. Uncalibrated (natural split) tiles need to be graded prior to installation; the thicker tiles will dictate the finished surface level.

7. Dimensions listed are nominal as slight variation in size and thickness can occur with most natural material.

Installation & General Information

1. We recommend using white cement and white washed sand in your mortar mix for all products, particularly lighter coloured stones which may be translucent.

2. Ensure good commercial quality laying practices are adopted including cleaning off any residue or mortar stains as you go.

3. Control joints should be installed in accordance with the relevant building code.

4. Natural Stones, particularly igneous products (formed from volcanic eruptions – Granite & Basalt), inherently have vesiculations, veining and crazing (lines) that may appear on the surface of the stone. These characteristics are normal and are considered part of the stone. Often these characteristics are only visible during the drying process i.e. when there is moisture in the stone. Providing these natural characteristics do not affect the structural integrity of the stone, the product should be laid and the natural variations form part of the natural beauty of the stone.

5. When installing natural stone 20mm or less in thickness, consideration could be given to adhering the stone with a rapid setting adhesive e.g. Granirapid. This is especially important for larger rectangular pieces of stone. Please contact our office for further clarification prior to laying.

6. Cleaning: Use a proprietary cleaning agent suitable for the natural stone purchased. DO NOT use acid (e.g. hydrochloric) as your cleaning agent.

7. Sealing: It is recommended you seal your natural stone products to obtain full performance. Products laid adjacent to a pool may require special attention.

8. Please contact our office for further hints and tips and to clarify any further queries prior to laying the stone.