The Truth is out there – Engineered Stone is now gone..

Breaking Ground: Artekk's Sintered Large Format Porcelain Panels Redefining the Industry

In the wake of a seismic shift away from engineered stone, Artekk introduces a groundbreaking alternative - Sintered Large Format Porcelain Panels. Say goodbye to engineered stone and embrace a new era of design and functionality.

Safety Redefined: SILICA Dioxide Safe

Artekk prioritizes safety with rigorous testing by a NATA accredited Laboratory for Silica Dioxide. Results confirm levels below 13%, assuring SILICA safety for all applications.

Design Elegance Meets Durability

Artekk Sintered Large Format Porcelain Panels embody exquisite beauty, unwavering durability, and precise engineering. Offering a vast canvas of surface designs, these masterpieces inspire creativity in contemporary architecture and beyond.

Key Features Unveiled:

  • Triple Defence Surface: Embrace innovation and safety with a triple shield against viruses, bacteria, and Odors.
  • Pure Earth Panels: Experience sustainability at its core with panels crafted from 100% natural minerals and earth materials.
  • Durable Tech Panels: Engineered for longevity, resilience, and enduring performance in any environment.
  • Tech Design Triumph: Pioneer design excellence with panels achieving the authentic feel and appearance of natural colours.
  • One-Stop Panel Hub: Conveniently located 35 minutes from the city, offering a diverse range and comprehensive services including design, cutting, fabrication, and installation.

Artekk provides a compelling alternative to engineered stone, leading the charge in safety, design, and innovation. For inquiries or to visit our showroom, contact Dilsha or Mandi at 9070 4888. Discover the future of surface solutions with Artekk.